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About the Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN)



The Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) is the primary project of the Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council (CWQMC). CDSN is a revolutionary way for organizations to share data with the public and with each other. After data is collected by organizations around the state, it can be easily uploaded and become viewable on the web. Each time data is shared, it not only increases the knowledge of water quality around the state, but hopefully saves time and resources for others who are interested in monitoring in a given basin.

CDSN's toolkit includes:

    • WQX-compatible database & data management system with built-in data analysis tools known as AWQMS which stands for Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System.

      AWQMS allows data providers to have a secure and unique login to view, query, upload, download, edit, and analyze their own data. It allows the public to login to view, query, download, and analyze all public data from a single organization or multiple organizations at the same time. Being able to access data in a single format across organizations is a big time saver. AWQMS is WQX-compatible and offers data providers who need to upload their data into the EPA National Data Warehouse an added efficiency. Data can be sent directly from AWQMS to the EPA National Data Warehouse by pressing a button, with no additional formatting needed!
      CDSN is continuously offering suggestions to the AWQMS developers to add additional features and enhancements desired by our data providers and public.
    • CDSN Exceedance & Monitoring Location-Mapper allows anyone to search for monitoring locations, exceedances, and download data from the CDSN Google-Map.

      The redesigned Exceedance Mapper now lets you see both the monitoring locations where there are exceedances at the same time you can see those that don't exceed your thresholds for your analytes. In addition to the AWQMS monitoring locations, the mapper also displays monitoring locations having data in EPA National Data Warehouse (WQX/STORET) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) NWIS/NAWQA monitoring locations.
    • CDSN Web GIS Utility allows users to do simple to advanced GIS operations between AWQMS monitoring locations and useful baselayers.

      Baselayers include the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), 8- and 12-digit Hydrologic Unit Codes, EcoRegion III and IV codes; and elements of the CDPHE/WQCD Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report such as 305(b) and 303(d) impaired waters GIS layers. Users can quickly gain additional metadata about AWQMS monitoring locations via pop-up metadata boxes and can also download GIS files for use in your own desktop GIS system.
    • AWQMS data upload templates, and training materials for all of the CDSN tools.


    • Customized training, presentations, and/or watershed SWAPS.


    • Data formatting, upload, or download assistance for an affordable hourly fee.

To get started on efficiently managing and sharing your data, contact the CDSN Project Coordinator.


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